How much is enough? The case of the Resolution Fund in Europe

Thomas Huertas, María J Nieto, 18 March 2014



During the crisis, individual institutions such as Hypo Real Estate required public assistance of €100 billion or more.1 So how can a European Resolution Fund of only €55 billion possibly suffice for all banks in the Eurozone?

Topics: EU institutions, Financial markets, International finance
Tags: bail-in, bank resolution, banking, European Resolution Fund, eurozone, Macroprudential policy, microprudential regulation, regulation, systemic risk

The new Single Bank Resolution Mechanism of the European Union

Stefano Micossi, 30 November 2013



A banking union in Europe is essential to the long-run stability of the Eurozone (Draghi 2013 ). It will be built on three pillars:

  • A single supervisory mechanism.

The necessary regulation for this is already in force.

Topics: EU institutions, Financial markets
Tags: bail-in, bank resolution, banking union

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