Dirty little secrets: Inferring fossil-fuel subsidies from patterns in emission intensities

Radek Stefanski, 30 May 2014



An astonishing feature of international energy and climate policy is that fossil fuels – often seen as the primary contributor to climate change – receive enormous government support (IMF 2013, IEA 2012). Surprisingly, no comprehensive database of directly measured, comparable fossil-fuel subsidies exists at the international level.

Topics: Energy, Environment
Tags: carbon, emissions, energy, energy subsidy, fossil fuels, pollution, subsidies

Climate policy targets revisited

Richard S J Tol, 25 April 2014



The Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change is the most famous economic assessment of climate policy (Stern et al. 2006).

Topics: Environment
Tags: carbon, climate change, cost-benefit analysis, emissions, externalities, greenhouse gases, pollution

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