Nuclear expansion or phase-out? Costs and opportunities

Enrica De Cian, Samuel Carrara, Massimo Tavoni, 22 December 2013



"We learned from Fukushima that we have to deal differently with risks… We believe we as a country can be a trailblazer for a new age of renewable energy sources… We can be the first major industrialized country that achieves the transition to renewable energy with all the opportunities – for exports, development, technology, jobs – it carri

Topics: Energy, Environment
Tags: carbon pricing, climate change, climate policy, energy, energy mix, environment, nuclear power, R&D

Aligning energy markets and climate-policy objectives in the EU

Carlo Carraro, Thomas Longden, Giacomo Marangoni, Massimo Tavoni, 27 November 2013



Europe’s commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions has not prevented the paradoxical situation of a revival of coal imports and a reduction of gas consumption. This article reviews recent work on the appropriate measures that need to be implemented to move European energy markets closer to the energy mix consistent with climate-policy targets.

Topics: Energy, Environment, EU policies
Tags: carbon pricing, climate policy, coal, energy mix, EU, greenhouse gases, natural gas, renewables subsidies

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