Management quality, firm organisation and international trade

Cheng Chen, 15 December 2013



Management quality varies widely across countries and has important effects on firm performance (Bloom and Van Reenen 2007, 2010). Cross-nation differences in management quality are also associated with differences in the firm-size distribution, internal structure of firms, and aggregate productivity (Bloom et al. 2012, Hsieh and Klenow 2009, 2012).

Topics: Development, Institutions and economics, International trade
Tags: firm organisation, gains from trade, management quality

Firm organisation: What we know and why we should care

Laura Alfaro, Paola Conconi, Harald Fadinger, Patrick Legros, Andrew Newman, 2 December 2012



A series of corporate calamities in the 2000s has helped to arouse suspicion amongst policymakers and the public that corporate organisation matters. Internal organisation issues are blamed for lost jobs, lost pensions and lost fortunes (e.g.

Topics: Industrial organisation, International trade
Tags: firm organisation, firms, protectionism, trade

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