Lessons from history for the European Financial Crisis

Selin Sayek, Fatma Taskin, 5 July 2014



As of July 2014, we continue to debate whether the European economy is out of the woods. The effectiveness of policies and the prospects of full recovery are under scrutiny.

Topics: Economic history, Europe's nations and regions, Global crisis
Tags: eurozone, EZ crisis, financial crisis, GIIPS

The euro crisis: Muddling through, or on the way to a more perfect euro union?

Joshua Aizenman, 3 July 2014



The short history of the Eurozone has been remarkable and unprecedented – the euro project has moved from the planning board to a vibrant currency within less than ten years.

Topics: Institutions and economics, International finance, Monetary policy
Tags: ECB, euro, eurozone, Eurozone crisis, Germany, GIIPS, inflation targeting, institutions

Unity in diversity: Protecting the common market with divergent macroprudential policies

Aerdt Houben, Jan Kakes, 30 July 2013



The credit crisis and ensuing sovereign crisis powerfully illustrate the limitations of traditional macroeconomic policies to contain financial imbalances. Despite debate on the desirability to dampen credit cycles and asset-price fluctuations, countries have long been reluctant to include this in policy objectives.

Topics: Global crisis, International finance
Tags: Eurozone crisis, GIIPS, Greece, Ireland, Italy, macroprudential tools, Portugal, Spain

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