Global value chains, interdependence, and the future of trade

Pascal Lamy, 18 December 2013



Today, the expansion of global value or production chains means that most products or services are assembled with inputs from many countries. We may still think in terms of Ricardo’s world of trade between nations, but in reality most trade now takes place within globe-spanning multinational companies and their suppliers.

Topics: International trade
Tags: Bali, Doha, global supply chains, mega-regional negotiations, trade, WTO

WTO agreement: The Bali Ribbon

Richard Baldwin, 12 December 2013



Bali’s success got multilateralism out of the emergency room and into the intensive care unit – but we don’t know whether the operation was a success. The Bali package is only distantly related to the heart of the 2001 agenda (WTO 2013).

Topics: Global governance, International trade
Tags: Bali, Doha, mega-regional negotiations, multilateralism, regional trade agreements, trade, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, WTO

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