A well-designed sterling union will be needed if Scotland votes for independence

Oliver Harvey, George Saravelos, 28 May 2014



The currency options of an independent Scotland have become a crucial point of contention for both sides ahead of the September 2014 referendum. However, the debate has so far focused on the suitability of different regimes based on the optimal currency area framework or fiscal implications (Armstrong 2013). There has been little focus on the practical issues involved.

Topics: Europe's nations and regions, Monetary policy
Tags: Bank of England, currency union, Currency unions, monetary independence, Scotland, Scottish independence, sterling

The Scottish question

Angus Armstrong, Monique Ebell, 26 October 2013



In less than one year, on 18 September 2014, the Scottish electorate will vote on a question of historic significance – should Scotland remain in the UK, or should it become an independent country?

Topics: Europe's nations and regions, Macroeconomic policy
Tags: Currency unions, debt, independence, Scotland, sterling

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