What world leaders should do to halt the spread of protectionism

Richard Baldwin, Simon J Evenett, 4 December 2008

VoxEU.org has just published another Ebook in our “What leaders should do in the Crisis” series; this one focuses on trade. Unless world leaders strengthen trade cooperation, new tariffs and competitive devaluations could trigger a protectionist spiral of WTO-consistent trade barriers. To rule this out, world leaders should: 1) Reduce protectionist pressures by fighting the recession with macroeconomic polices; 2) Translate APEC and G20 leaders’ words into deeds by agreeing a framework for concluding the Doha Round; and 3) Establish a real-time WTO/IMF surveillance mechanism to track new protection.

Download the ebook here.

URL: http://www.voxeu.org/index.php?q=node/2651
Topics: International trade
Tags: beggar-thy-neighbour policies, Doha Round, protectionism, tariff war, WTO, WTO-legal tariff war

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