The impact of geographic and technological R&D spillovers on Firms’ Productivity

22 - 22 November 2011, ULB, Brussels

Knowledge originating in a particular country or region increasingly transcends its national boundaries and contributes to the productivity growth of other geographic areas. Professor Cincera’s paper aims at assessing the magnitude of R&D spillover effects on large international R&D companies’ productivity growth, and proposes policy implications based on his findings. In particular, he investigates the extent to which R&D spillover effects are intensified by both geographic and technological proximities between spillover-generating and -receiving firms, by controlling for the firm’s ability to identify, assimilate and absorb the external knowledge stock. The empirical findings of his paper indicate a positive and significant impact of both types of R&D spillovers and of absorptive capacity on firms’ productivity performance.
Michele Cincera
Discussion Meeting
ULB, Brussels
Open attendance
Centre for Economic Policy Research
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Productivity and Innovation