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Assistant Professor - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UNIT OF ECONOMIC ANALYS (UFAE-UNIV.AUTONOMA DE BARCELONA)
2015/16 PhD program in Economics, Management and Data Science (EMDS) (Lucca Institute Economics)
Mead Chair (UCSB Economics)
Director of its Masters Degree Program in Applied Economics (Georgetown Economics)
1 Professor in Regional and International Economics (M/F) (UNILU)
Associate Professor (with Tenure) in Macroeconomics (Economics, University of Calgary)
Associate Professor (with Tenure) in Microeconomics (Economics, University of Calgary)
Lecturer (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Dept Applied Economics) (DEA-UAB)
Post-Doc Transaction Network Analysis (UWaterloo, Conrad Centre)
Post-Doc Transaction Network Analysis (UWaterloo, Conrad Centre)
RFF Postdoctoral Fellow: Energy Sector Quantitative Modeling and Policy Analysis (RFF: Research)
RFF Research Associate: Energy Sector Quantitative Modeling and Policy Analysis (RFF: Research)
Assistant or Associate Professor (Economics USACH)
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Determinants of Life Satisfaction - McGill (IHSP)
PhD Internship / Stagiaire au doctorat (Bank of Canada)
Research Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI Economic Policy)
Assistant Professor of Finance (U. of Arkansas Dept. of Finance)
Director of Public Accountability (LJAF-PA)
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Princeton Univ, Psychology Dept.)
Assistant Professor, Management and Finance (University of Saskatchewan, BPBE)
Assistant Professor- Marketing and Risk (University of Saskatchewan, BPBE)
Lecturer (Study Center Gerzensee)
tenured/tenure-track faculty positions at NKU School of Finance (NKU Finance School)
Research Statistician Developer and Tester - Econometrics (Econometrics R&D Department)
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Business (Colorado College Econ/Bus Dept)
Market Research Freelancers (zursh)
Market Research Freelancers (zursh)
Chief Economist (EPO)