How do I submit an article?

See the About page.

May I republish Vox content?

See the terms and conditions on our Copyright page.

How do I set up an account?

To add a comment on a Vox article, or to add a tag, you will need to set up an account. Click on ‘Create account’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen and enter a username and valid email address. A password will be sent to this address, which you should use together with your username to log in to your account. Read more on creating an account.

How do I log in?

Log in to your Vox account by clicking on ‘Log in’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen and entering the username and password you were sent when you set up your account. If you have forgotten your password or want to choose a new one, click on the ‘Request new password’ tab and enter your username or email address.

How do I add a comment?

To add a comment on an article on Vox, you must have created and be logged in to your Vox account (see above). Once you are logged in, you can add a comment either by clicking ‘post a comment’ at the bottom of the article, or by clicking on ‘reply’ in a previous comment. You will then be able to enter a subject heading for the comment, and the comment itself in the box below. Just as with 'letters to the Editor' in quality newspapers, we require commenters to use their real names (the same applies to the authors). We reserve the right to not post comments that do not use real names. Read more on posting comments

Why add tags?

The editors assign topics to each Vox article, but you may think the article is really about something else. By adding tags to an article, users help other users decide what is really important in an article, and help them find all the articles on, for example, the EU Summit, or Corporate Governance. .... *How do I add a tag?* To add a tag to an article, again you must be logged in to your Vox account. Then click on the ‘Tags’ tab below the title of the article and enter the tag you want to add. If the tag already exists, it will appear below the box and you will not need to click ‘Add’. Read more on adding tags.

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