Domenico Giannone

Université Libre de Bruxelles, Now-Casting Economics and CEPR

Domenico Giannone holds a PhD from the Universite' Libre de Bruxells (ULB). He is Professor of Economics at the ULB where he teaches Econometrics. His general fields of research are forecasting, monetary policy, business cycles and growth. He has worked as Economist at the Monetary Policy Research Division of the European Central Bank and been Scientific Coordinator of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network. He has designed econometric models that are routinely used to inform policy decisions in many institutions including the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, the European Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the Norges Bank. He is associate editor for the Journal of applied Econometrics and the International Journal of Forecasting and panel member for Economic Policy. He is co-founder of, a web-based forecasting company.

Articles by Domenico Giannone:

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