Enrico Perotti

University of Amsterdam, ECB and CEPR


Enrico Perotti (PhD Finance, MIT 1990) is Professor of International Finance at the University of Amsterdam. His research in banking and corporate finance, organization theory, political economy, legal and financial history has often appeared in top journals, such as The American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, and the Journal of Financial Economics. He is a CEPR Fellow and an European Economic Association Fellow.

Prof. Perotti has held visiting appointments at MIT, Oxford, London Business School, London School of Economics, IMF and CEU. He acted as consultant to the EC, IMF, FSB, World Bank and as senior advisor on Macro Prudential policy at DNB. In 2011-12 he visited as Houblon Normal Fellow the Financial Stability department at the Bank of England. Since 2012 he advises the ECB on banking regulation and financial stability. He directs since 1998 the Amsterdam Center for International Finance (CIFRA).