Gianni Vaggi

University of Pavia

1981, Ph.D. in economics of the University of Cambridge.

Teaching experiences

University of Padua 1976-1984. Cambridge 1997 Visiting Scholar at St. John’s College. Vanderbilt University USA. He teaches modules in development economics at the universities of Bethlehem(Palestine), Cartagena(Colombia), Kenyatta (Nairobi), Midwestern (Kathmandu).

Other academic activities

Former Deputy-Rector for International relations Director of the University of Pavia. Since 1997 Director of the Master Program in Cooperation and Development of the University Institute of Advanced Study of Pavia.

Member of the Executive Committee of EADI – European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, 2002-2008.
Vice-chairperson of the PEACE Programme – Palestinian European American Cooperation in Education, 2001-2008.
Since 2005 has coordinated six programs of international cooperation and research, two of them from the European Union.

Major fields of research

Development and international economics. Sovereign debt; north-south economic integration, development finance.
History of economic thought. The formation of classical political economy; Physiocracy and Adam Smith; the classical theory of development.

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