Guillermo de la Dehesa

Banco Santander and CEPR

Guillermo de la Dehesa is Chairman of CEPR, and member of the Group of Thirty. He has also been Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs Europe since 1988, and continues to serve in this role. Formerly a deputy governor of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, a deputy general manager of the Bank of Spain, Secretary of State of Economy (Spain), and Secretary General of Commerce (Spain), he has also been Chief Executive Officer of Banco Pastor, and Independent Director of Banco Santander and AVIVA PLC. He has published widely on economic issues, including "Europe at the Crossroads" (McGraw Hill 2005), "Winners and Losers in Globalization" (Blackwell, 2005) and "Saving Globalization from Itself" (Blackwell 2007). Most recently, his articles have included "Nine misconceptions about competitiveness and globalization" (the Group of Thirty)

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