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American Cancer Society

Dr. Hana Ross is Strategic Director of International Tobacco Control Research Program at the American Cancer Society. She received her MBA from the Prague School of Economics and her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Ross has over 10 years experience in conducting research on the economics of tobacco control, in management of research projects and in providing technical assistance to low and middle income countries. She worked on projects supported by the World Bank, World Health Organization, and the European Commission, among others. Dr. Ross has published more than 50 articles and independent reports on issues related to tobacco taxation, cigarette prices, costs of smoking, and other economic aspects of tobacco control. Currently, she is engaged in projects developing research capacity in seven countries in South East Asia and supports the Bloomberg Global Initiative in Russia and Ukraine. Dr. Ross is also Deputy Director of the International Tobacco Evidence Network (ITEN), a network promoting collaboration among economists interested in tobacco control issues.

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