Joan Costa-i-Font


Joan Costa-i-Font is a Reader in Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he collaborates with two research centers: the Centre of Economic Performance (CEP) and LSE Health & Social Care. He is Harkness fellow at the Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard University and Network Research Fellow of CESIfo. Joan has held teaching or research posts at Oxford University, the University of Munich, University of Barcelona and the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City. His research and teaching aims at using economics and related analysis to improve the institutional design of health and social policies, and broadly falls in at least one (or more) of the following research areas: ‘health economics’, ‘political economy’ and ‘social economics’. His published work can be found in leading economic and public policy journals such as the Journal of the European Economic Association, Economica, Economic Policy, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Public Choice, Health Economics and the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.

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