John Muellbauer

Nuffield College, Oxford and CEPR

Professor John Muellbauer is an Official Fellow of Nuffield College, Professor of Economics and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford martin School, Oxford University. He is a Fellow of the British Academy, of the Econometric Society and of the European Economic Association and a CEPR Research Fellow. He has been a consultant to the Bank of England, HM Treasury and the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). He has been a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve and the IMF. He is currently Investment Bursar at Nuffield College, with responsibility for the non-property side of the portfolio. He is a regular contributor of articles and talks for Oxford Economics (formerly Oxford Economic Forecasting) and is frequently consulted by banks, hedge funds and asset management companies. His current research is supported by grants from the Open Society Institute and the Oxford Martin School. Recent work includes research with Janine Aron for the National Housing and Planning Advisory Unit and DCLG onpmortgage arrears and possessions in the UK, with Neil Blake for the European Commission on imbalances in EU housing markets, with John Duca and Anthony Murphy, both at the Dallas Federal Reserve, on lessons from the role of housing in the financial crisis, on what drives US house prices, and on the implications of the long-term shift in US credit market architecture, and a Bank for International Settlements discussion paper on problems with modern macroeconomics. In 2009-10 he gave talks among others at the IMF, ECB, Federal Reserve, BIS, Statistics Norway, de Nederlandsche Bank, Banque de France, Bank of England, the European Commission, the Financial Services Authority, DCLG and HM Treasury. Before coming to Nuffield College in 1981, John was Professor of Economics at Birkbeck College, London, and Lecturer at Warwick University. He obtained his first degree from Cambridge University, England and his Doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley (supervisor, Robert E. Hall). His secondary education was at Pontywaun Grammar School, Risca, Gwent and at Walpole Grammar School, London W13.