Robert E. Hall

Stanford University and AEA

Robert E. Hall is the Robert and Carole McNeil Hoover Senior Fellow and Professor of Economics, and President-elect of the American Economic Association (to be President in 2010). He is chairman of the NBER's Committee on Business Cycle Dating, which maintains the semi-official chronology of the US business cycle, and also serves as Director of the NBER research program on economic fluctuations and growth. He has advised a number of government agencies on national economic policy, including the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the Federal Reserve Board, and the Congressional Budget Office, where he serves on the Advisory Committee. He served on the National Presidential Advisory Committee on Productivity. He has testified on numerous occasions before congressional committees concerning national economic policy. Before coming to Stanford Department of Economics in 1978, Hall taught at MIT and Berkeley after receiving his PhD from MIT in 1967.

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