Takatoshi Ito

University of Tokyo and CEPR


Takatoshi Ito, Professor at Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo, and a CEPR Research Fellow. He has taught extensively both in the United States and Japan in the past, including at University of Minnesota, Hitotsubashi University, and Harvard University after finishing Ph.D. in economics at Harvard University in 1979. Ito also served as Senior Advisor in the Research Department, IMF (1994-97) and as Deputy Vice Minister for International Affaires at Ministry of Finance, Japan (1999-2001). He is an author of many books including The Japanese Economy, The Political Economy of the Japanese Monetary Policy and Financial Policy and Central Banking in Japan, and more than 50 academic journal articles on international finance and the Japanese economy. He was President of the Japanese Economic Association in 2004. He was a member of the Council of Economic and Fiscal Policy from October 2006 to October 2008. The Council, which consists of 11 members including Prime Minister and Finance Minister, decides the framework of the budget each year.

Articles by Takatoshi Ito