Russia and the effectiveness of economic sanctions between big players

Barbara Oegg, Kimberly A. Elliott, 8 October 2008



In early August 2008, hostilities broke out between Georgia and Russia over the breakaway region of South Ossetia. Russian troops quickly defeated Georgian forces in South Ossetia and marched far into Georgian territory, drawing widespread criticism from the international community.

Topics: Politics and economics
Tags: economic sanctions, Georgia, Russia

Governance and growth: Why does Georgia lag behind Estonia?

Thorvaldur Gylfason, Eduard Hochreiter, 2 August 2008



Looking at the fate of the fifteen states that emerged from the Soviet Union, it is striking how different their economic evolutions have been. The severity of the plunge around 1989 was closely related to the extent of the systemic failure of central planning as well as to local mismanagement.

Topics: Institutions and economics
Tags: Estonia, Georgia, institutions, reform

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