Policymaking in crises: Pick your poison

Kristin Forbes, Michael W Klein, 24 December 2013



In 2010, the Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantenga declared a ‘currency war’ because of the harmful effects of the strengthening of the real. He blamed the currency’s appreciation on easy money in advanced countries, and to a lesser extent on reserve accumulation in some emerging markets.

Topics: Exchange rates, Macroeconomic policy
Tags: Brazil, capital controls, currency war, exchange rates, foreign exchange reserves, global financial crisis, India, Indonesia

Asia Pacific and the Doha Round

Muhammad Chatib Basri, 28 April 2011



Of many benefits of the Doha Round for the Asia Pacific economies, one is fostering their reform process and taking advantage of new market access.

Asia Pacific economies (many of them classified as emerging economies) have an enormous stake in the Doha Round.

Topics: International trade
Tags: Asia, China, Doha Round, Indonesia, Pacific

Emerging markets consider capital controls to regulate speculative capital flows

Kavaljit Singh, 5 July 2010



Just days before the G20 summit in Toronto, South Korea and Indonesia announced several policy measures to regulate potentially destabilising capital flows which could pose a threat to their economies and financial systems.

Topics: International finance
Tags: capital flows, G20, Indonesia, South Korea

The simple economics of extortion: evidence from trucking in Aceh

Benjamin Olken interviewed by Romesh Vaitilingam, 29 Aug 2008

Ben Olken of MIT talks to Romesh Vaitilingam about his research on bribery in the Indonesian trucking industry – and the lessons for policy efforts to reduce corruption. The interview was recorded at the American Economic Association meetings in New Orleans in January 2008.


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Topics: Development, Microeconomic regulation
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