Nazi pork and popularity: How Hitler’s roads won German hearts and minds

Hans-Joachim Voth, Nico Voigtländer, 22 May 2014



‘At least he built the Autobahn’. Many Germans remember this phrase from conversations with parents and grandparents pointing to how the Nazi regime could receive such widespread support. The regime’s overwhelming popularity at home was essential for its policies, from the aggressive pursuit of war abroad to genocide.

Topics: Economic history, Politics and economics
Tags: Adolf Hitler, autobahn, Germany, Nazis, pork-barrel spending

Paying the piper, reaping the returns

Hans-Joachim Voth, 18 September 2008



Few days defined the course of 20th century history as decisively as January 30th, 1933. With Adolf Hitler’s seizure of power in Germany, the course was set for another world war with millions of casualties, for genocide on an unprecedented scale, and for the abrupt end of Weimar’s vibrant cultural and intellectual life.

Topics: Politics and economics
Tags: Adolf Hitler, economic history, Nazis, political connections

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