Do giant oil field discoveries fuel internal armed conflicts?

Guy Michaels, Yu-Hsiang Lei, 1 December 2011



Do natural resource windfalls, such as those arising from the discovery of giant oil fields, increase the risk of internal armed conflict? Anecdotal evidence from Nigeria, Angola, and Iraq leads us to suspect that they may, and recent research (Dal Bó and Dal Bó 2011; Besley and Persson 2009, 2011; Acemoglu et al.

Topics: Development, Energy
Tags: civil wars, oil, resource curse

Poverty and civil wars

Simeon Djankov , Marta Reynal-Querol, 29 October 2008



Differences in per capita income have received considerable attention in the oratory on civil wars. The UN Millennium Project, Investing in Development: Practical Plans to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (2005) notes, for example:

Topics: Development
Tags: civil wars, Poverty, violence

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