Effects of commodity price windfalls on external debt: The role of political institutions

Rabah Arezki, Markus Brückner, 15 June 2012



Booming commodity prices have generated large foreign currency inflows for commodity exporting nations. Such inflows, however, are not always associated with positive outcomes for the commodity exporters. Phenomena such as corruption (Bhattacharyya and Hodler 2009) and the ‘natural resource curse’ (Brunnschweiler and Bulte 2012) often plague nations rich in natural resources.

Topics: Development, Macroeconomic policy
Tags: debt, political regimes, resource curse

Political regimes and international trade

Toke S. Aidt, Martin Gassebner, 16 December 2008



Two hundred years ago, David Ricardo formulated the principle of comparative advantage and pointed to the associated economic benefits of trade integration. The practical value of this insight has withstood the test of time.

Topics: Institutions and economics, International trade
Tags: autocracies, globalisation, political regimes, trade integration

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