Industrial policy and developmental space: The missing piece in the GVCs debate

Demián Dalle, Verónica Fossati, Federico Lavopa, 13 April 2014



Global value chains (GVCs) have gained unusual prominence in the research agendas of international organisations and academics devoted to the study of international trade and economics. They have also been in the spotlight of negotiating tables of the main international economic fora held during 2013.

Topics: Development, International trade
Tags: developing economies, GVCs, industrial policy

Old wine in new bottles? Non-traditional sources of foreign direct investment

Maximiliano Sosa Andrés, Christiane Krieger-Boden, Peter Nunnenkamp, 8 March 2012



The share of developing and emerging economies in total outward FDI flows multiplied from a meagre 5% in 1990 to almost 30% in 2010 (Figure 1). The flows from the BRICS and other new sources proved to be stable when those from developed economies crashed by 50% due to the financial crisis in 2007–08.

Figure 1. FDI outflows by origin 1990–2010

Topics: Development, International finance
Tags: developing economies, emerging economies, FDI

“Development and the crisis” – a critical reading

Francisco Rodríguez, 23 February 2009



The “Development and the crisis” theme in Vox’s Global Crisis Debate provides a refreshing counterweight to current discussions’ overwhelming emphasis the effect of the crisis on developed nations.

Topics: Development, Global crisis
Tags: bank nationalisation, child poverty, developing economies, G20, Georgetown, global crisis, preschool, reserve currency, US dollar

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