New Directions in Welfare

29 June - 1 July 2009, St Catherine's College, Oxford University

This 3 day conference at St Catherine's College, Oxford University hosts speakers from Oxford, LSE, UCL, World Bank brings together many of the new and emerging themes in the economics of welfare. Theory tracks focus on social choice and welfare, and other related aspects of welfare economic theory and public economics. Empirical/applied tracks focus on policy areas including health, development, social policy, environment, education, poverty reduction, non-monetary measures of economic progress etc. Papers on applied econometrics or experimental work relevant to welfare economic theory and assumptions about human behaviour also welcome.
Paul Anand
St Catherine's College, Oxford University
Open attendance
The event is being organised from a number of universities led by the Open University.
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Frontiers of economic research
development, economic theory, education, ethics, EU policies, experimental economics, Frontiers of economic research, health economics, migration, poverty and income inequality, welfare state and social Europe

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