Crisis-proof services: Why trade in services did not suffer during the 2008-09 collapse

Andrea Ariu, 24 December 2013



Following the failure of Lehman Brothers in September 2008, international trade in goods collapsed by 30%. This dramatic collapse was highly synchronised across countries and mostly concentrated in the category of durable goods (Baldwin 2009). Surprisingly, international trade in services barely reacted to the crisis.

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Are services traded differently?

Andrea Ariu, 23 December 2012



International trade is traditionally thought of as goods crossing borders. Trade in services, however, is becoming increasingly important for high-income countries and its role is likely to grow substantially over the next years (Francois and Hoekman 2010).

Trade in services and goods differ along several critical dimensions (WTO 2010).

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Services trade, the IT revolution, and occupational tasks

Giordano Mion, Andrea Ariu, 25 February 2012



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Lowering trade costs in services markets: The final frontier?

Sébastien Miroudot, Jehan Sauvage, Ben Shepherd, 17 January 2011



Nearly two-thirds of all economic activity in the G20 – and over three-quarters in France, the US, and the UK – is made up of services. So it is striking that while goods exports account for nearly 20% of the G20’s combined GDP, the corresponding figure for services is less than 5%.

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Trade in services under the Euro-Mediterranean partnership: An alternative to migration?

Bernard Hoekman, Çağlar Özden, 2 January 2011



Recently released data show that the US population has increased 9.7% since 2000, reaching almost 309 million (US 2010 Census). While low by US standards, this growth rate far exceeds European rates. Europe is facing a demographic dilemma. Low fertility rates and increased life expectancy mean that labour forces are shrinking as dependency ratios are rising.

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International trade in services: A portrait of importers and exporters

Holger Breinlich, Chiara Criscuolo, 2 July 2010



Trade in services has been the fastest growing component of international trade since the early 1990s, with average annual growth rates of close to 10% and a total cross-border export value of $2,800 billion in 2006 (WTO 2008).

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Services trade – The collapse that wasn’t

Aaditya Mattoo, Ingo Borchert, 27 November 2009



The gloom and doom about goods trade has obscured the quiet resilience of services trade. Services account for over one-fifth of global cross-border trade; for countries such as India and the US, it is close to one-third of all exports.

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Summer Programme on the WTO, International Trade and Development 2010

28 June - 9 July 2010, Geneva

The fourth Summer Programme on the WTO, International Trade and Development will take place from June 28 to July 9, 2010 in Geneva. It will provide participants with a unique opportunity to enter into the analysis and atmosphere of multilateral trade. The programme, delivered with the Graduate Institute Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, combines economic, legal and political analysis of international trade and development.

Lectures and discussions will shed light on the following questions: the reasons why countries open their economies to trade and the reasons why they protect domestic industries, the means and pathways they use to either open or protect, what these considerations mean for the multilateral trading system and their implications for economic development.

Target Audience:
- Professionals keen to improve their knowledge on current major issues in international trade
- Students at MA level

Deadline for Applications
April 1, 2010

Bénédicte Gilbert
Closed attendance
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
More information:

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Procurement that pays: Foreign outsourcing, innovation, and profit dynamics

Holger Görg, Aoife Hanley, 7 September 2009



Outsourcing is an emotive issue. It is an issue on which elections are fought. Consider US President Barack Obama’s fixation on outsourcing in the run up to the November election and the subsequent changes to the US tax system designed to retain US jobs.

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How many jobs are onshorable? Re-interpreting the Blinder numbers in the light of new trade theory

Richard Baldwin, 15 June 2009



Before the global crisis hit, offshoring was one of the scarcest things on rich nations’ economic radar screens – especially the offshoring of “good” service sector jobs.

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