Do Prices Determine Vertical Integration? Evidence from Trade Policy

Laura Alfaro, Paola Conconi, Harald Fadinger, Andrew Newman, 28 October 2012

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Topics: Industrial organisation
Tags: industrial organisation, property rights, vertical integration

Asia’s supply chain: Implications for rebalancing

Olaf Unteroberdoerster, Jade Vichyanond, Adil Mohommad, 12 June 2011



Persistent global imbalances are raising concerns about the sustainability of the global recovery and longer-term growth. Global imbalances owe in part to the pattern of exchange rates and demand across major countries.

Topics: International trade
Tags: Asia, China, global imbalances, supply chain, vertical integration

Supply chains and financial shocks: Real transmission channels in globalised production networks

Hubert Escaith, Fabien Gonguet, 16 June 2009



The most recent phase of globalisation was characterised by the geographical fragmentation of the production processes within networks of firms. Vertical integration helped international firms to improve their efficiency, while enabling them to react more rapidly to changes in international markets.

Topics: International finance, International trade
Tags: financial shocks, supply chains, vertical integration

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