Why does finance matter for trade? Evidence from new data

Marc Auboin, Martina Engemann, 3 December 2012



Academic interest in the role of trade finance has grown in the context of the financial crisis of 2008-09 and the subsequent economic downturn, just as policymakers’ interest was once caught by the Asian financial crisis (IMF 2003).

Topics: International trade
Tags: financial crisis, Great Recession, international trade, trade, trade credit, Trade finance, trade insurance

Export credit agencies to the rescue of trade finance

Jean-Pierre Chauffour, Christian Saborowski, 23 January 2010



New data on export insurance and guarantees suggest that export credit agencies (ECAs) have played an important role in preventing a complete drying up of trade finance markets during the current financial crisis.

Topics: Global crisis, International trade
Tags: trade collapse, Trade finance, trade insurance

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