Tapering talk: The impact of expectations of reduced Federal Reserve security purchases on emerging markets

Barry Eichengreen, Poonam Gupta, 19 December 2013



In May 2013, Federal Reserve officials first began to talk of the possibility of the US central bank tapering its securities purchases from $85 billion a month to something lower. A milestone to which many observers point is 22 May 2013, when Chairman Bernanke raised the possibility of tapering in his testimony to Congress.

Topics: Exchange rates, Monetary policy
Tags: capital controls, Capital inflows, currency war, emerging markets, exchange rates, Federal Reserve, Macroprudential policies, monetary policy, tapering

A framework for two macro policy instruments: Money and banking combined

Hans Gersbach, 12 October 2011

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Topics: International finance, Macroeconomic policy, Monetary policy
Tags: banking regulation, Macroprudential policies, microprudential regulation, monetary policy

Tail risk: Higher capital is not enough

Enrico Perotti, Lev Ratnovski, Razvan Vlahu, 26 August 2011



The financial part of the global crisis centred on banks and bank-like institutions. Naturally, the regulatory reaction has similarly focused on financial institutions. Much of this debate has rightfully focused on the need for higher bank capital.

Topics: Global crisis, International finance
Tags: financial regulation, Macroprudential policies, tail risk

Rules vs discretion in macroprudential policies

Mario Quagliariello, Massimo Libertucci, 24 February 2010



Rules vs. discretion…

Topics: Global governance, Monetary policy
Tags: checks and balances, Macroprudential policies, monetary policy

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