The Eurozone breakup debate: Uncertainty still reigns

Jens Nordvig, 6 November 2012



The debate about a Eurozone breakup is evolving. In the spring of 2012, political tension in Greece meant that the debate focused on ‘Grexit’. In the summer of this year, the focus shifted to Spain’s funding difficulties, especially the redenomination risk on Spanish assets. Then the ECB stepped in.

Topics: EU policies, Europe's nations and regions, Financial markets, Politics and economics
Tags: breakup, Eurozone crisis, Finland, Greece

High-involvement management: What does it mean for worker wellbeing?

Alex Bryson, 21 October 2011



Solving the world’s problems – everything ranging from productivity growth and employment creation to ageing and climate change – will require firms to get better at what they do. Modern management techniques are increasingly looking like they will help deliver on the necessity.

Topics: Labour markets
Tags: Finland, Management, wellbeing

Cartels uncovered

Ari Hyytinen, Frode Steen, Otto Toivanen, 5 May 2010



Competition policy matters. The US government, as well as the EU and its member states, spend large amounts on shaping and executing competition policy – known as antitrust in the US. The private sector spends correspondingly large amounts in shaping the outcome and participating in the law battles.

Topics: Competition policy
Tags: Cartels, Competition policy, Finland

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