Shadow banking: Economics and policy priorities

Stijn Claessens, Zoltan Pozsar, Lev Ratnovski, Manmohan Singh, 12 January 2013



This column is a lead commentary in the VoxEU Debate "Banking reform: Do we know what has to be done?"

Topics: International finance
Tags: collateral intermediation, financial deregulation, securitisation, shadow banking

The policy roots of finance

Giuseppe Bertola, Anna Lo Prete, 20 May 2010



Finance boomed for quite some time. And then it crashed. To understand what might happen as the world begins to emerge from the crisis, we need to try and understand where finance came from. At the global level, finance grew along with international economic integration at the turn of this century, as well as at the beginning of the 20th century.

Topics: Global economy, International finance
Tags: financial deregulation, financial development, openness

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