Teaching economics as if the last three decades had happened

Wendy Carlin interviewed by Viv Davies, 20 May 2014

Wendy Carlin talks to Viv Davies about the 'Curriculum Open-access Resources in Economics' (CORE) project, which was established by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) at Oxford and proposes a new approach to economics teaching for undergraduates. The aim is to update the existing economics curriculum so that it reflects recent developments in economics, the economy and in teaching methods. They discuss the 'three gaps' in economics teaching that the project seeks to close. The interview was recorded in April 2014 at the annual conference of the Royal Economic Society.


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Topics: Frontiers of economic research
Tags: academia, economics education, financial crisis, global crisis, teaching, undergraduates

The mainstream economics curriculum needs an overhaul

Diane Coyle, 4 May 2014



One of the delayed consequences of the financial crisis is a widespread and apparently growing desire to change how economics is taught. Students in a number of countries, including vocal groups in Chile and the UK, have recently intensified the demand for reform.

Topics: Education, Global crisis
Tags: academia, economics education, education, financial crisis, global crisis, teaching, undergraduates

Greening Economics: It is time

Carlo Carraro, Marianne Fay, Marzio Galeotti, 26 April 2014



Shortly after the inception of the financial crisis, The Economist published an article on the split the crisis had brought about among macroeconomists and on the self-criticism some of the most renowned names of academia were applying to the discipline they have been teaching.

Topics: Environment
Tags: Green growth, growth, natural capital, policy formation, teaching

What’s the use of economics? Introduction to the Vox debate

Diane Coyle, 19 September 2012



This column is a lead commentary in the VoxEU Debate "What's the use of economics?"

Topics: Education, Frontiers of economic research, Global crisis
Tags: Economics, education, global crisis, teaching

The university as an internal labour market

Catherine M. Haeck, Frank Verboven, 17 June 2010



During the past decade policymakers have spent considerable effort to reform European universities. Aghion et al. (2008) provide a critical review of recent higher education policies and an agenda for desirable reforms.

Topics: Education, Labour markets
Tags: education, higher education, research, teaching

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