Immigration, elderly care and labour-force participation: Can immigration help women retire later?

Giovanni Peri, Agnese Romiti, Mariacristina Rossi, 8 September 2013



During the last decade immigrants have increased their presence in the labour force of many rich countries. In several of those countries manually intensive occupations, such as those in the household service sector, have employed many of them. Particularly in Italy, immigrants have disproportionately staffed the long-term care sector for elderly people.

Topics: Gender, Labour markets
Tags: immigration, women

The long-run gains of not mixing genders in high-school classes

Massimo Anelli, Giovanni Peri, 23 February 2013



Gender gap in college majors and earnings

Topics: Education, Gender, Labour markets
Tags: education, gender, Italy, labour, wages, women

Multi-trait matching and intergenerational mobility: A Cinderella story

Natalie Chen, Paola Conconi, Carlo Perroni, 10 October 2011

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Topics: Labour markets, Poverty and income inequality
Tags: gender earnings gap, inheritance, social mobility, women

Empowering women economically: 2010 Women’s Economic Opportunity Index

Leo Abruzzese, 26 September 2010



In recent decades girls’ and women’s education and health in most poor countries have dramatically improved. But progress in women’s economic opportunities is still lagging. In many emerging market economies, women consistently trail men in formal labour force participation, access to credit, entrepreneurship rates, income levels, and inheritance and ownership rights.

Topics: Development, Labour markets, Poverty and income inequality
Tags: economic opportunity, gender equality, Labour Markets, women

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