Growth and political change: Transition duration is critical

Caroline Freund, Melise Jaud, 24 January 2013



The Arab world is undergoing a major political transition. The final outcomes of the changes are far from certain in nations where they have occurred. The geographical spread of the changes is also far from clear at this point. Nevertheless, there have been and will continue to be economic consequences from the moves towards democracy (see Besley and Kudamatsu 2007).

Topics: Development, Politics and economics
Tags: democracy, growth, political change, transition

The fear of being left behind

Erik Berglöf, 2 August 2007



Central and Eastern Europe are catching up with the rest of Europe. Growth rates are higher than ever since transition started. Remarkable improvements over the last 15 years have moved institutions much closer to those of Western Europe. These striking transformations have been propelled by a widely shared desire to come “back to Europe.”

Topics: Development, Europe's nations and regions
Tags: EU accession, transition

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