Has the finance industry become less efficient? Or Where is Wal-Mart when we need it?

Thomas Philippon, 2 December 2011



The role of the finance industry is to produce, trade, and settle financial contracts that can be used to pool funds, share risks, transfer resources, produce information, and provide incentives. Financial intermediaries are compensated for providing these services.

Topics: International finance, Productivity and Innovation
Tags: efficiency, financial sector, Wal-Mart

The two faces of Wal-Mart in Mexico

Leonardo Iacovone, Beata Javorcik, Wolfgang Keller, James R Tybout, 20 August 2011



Wal-Mart is a company that polarises. While there is much to be said about the low prices and extensive selection Wal-Mart offers its customers, its business model can be controversial (LA Times 2011).

Topics: Global economy, International trade
Tags: deregulation, globalisation, Mexico, Wal-Mart

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