For economies, age is not just a number

Harun Onder, Pierre Pestieau, 20 May 2014



An ageing world population is expected to shape the economic future of the globe. According to UN calculations, the total world population will increase by 40% and the median age will increase by 7.8 years by 2050. Compared to a few decades ago, these rates represent a significant deceleration in population growth and a sizeable acceleration in ageing.

Topics: Frontiers of economic research, Labour markets, Welfare state and social Europe
Tags: Ageing, demographics, fertility, longevity, pensions, population, Retirement, Social security

Identity and wellbeing: How retiring makes the unemployed happier

Clemens Hetschko, Andreas Knabe, Ronnie Schöb, 4 May 2012



Most people adapt surprisingly well to changes in their lives. Even after tragic events such as the death of a family member or a chronic disease, they restore their former wellbeing, if not always completely (Clark et al 2008). There is one event, though, for which this appears not to be true – unemployment.

Topics: Frontiers of economic research, Labour markets
Tags: identity, Retirement, unemployment, wellbeing

Nudges to nudge up the savings rate

James Choi, Emily Haisley, Jennifer Kurkoski, Cade Massey, 28 March 2012



There is widespread concern that individuals do not save enough for retirement because they are financially illiterate (Lusardi and Mitchell 2007, Bucher-Koenen and Lusardi 2011) or suffer from self-control problems (Angeletos et al 2001).

Topics: Frontiers of economic research, Labour markets
Tags: Behavioural economics, nudging, Retirement, saving

Fatal attraction? Access to early retirement and mortality

Andreas Kuhn, Jean-Philippe Wuellrich, Josef Zweimüller , 25 March 2012



Europe and many other parts of the parts of the world face a dramatic demographic transition. Ageing populations will lead to fundamental changes in societies and threaten the sustainability of pension systems. This has prompted the EU to launch a public debate on how to meet this demographic challenge.

Topics: Health economics, Labour markets
Tags: health, Retirement

The dynamics of homeownership among the 50+ in Europe

Agar Brugiavini, Viola Angelini, Guglielmo Weber, 12 March 2012


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Topics: Europe's nations and regions, Poverty and income inequality, Welfare state and social Europe
Tags: housing, life events, Retirement

Retirement age across countries: The role of occupations

Philip Sauré, Hosny Zoabi, 19 November 2011



Long-standing trends towards earlier retirement and higher life expectancy threaten the sustainability of existing pension systems. What’s more, rising debt levels in the wake of the Great Recession have intensified the need for reforms (see Diamond 2011).

Topics: Labour markets
Tags: occupations, Retirement, retirement age

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