The long-run effect of 9/11: Terrorism, backlash, and the assimilation of Muslim immigrants in the West

Eric D Gould, Esteban F Klor, 30 January 2012

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Topics: Migration, Politics and economics
Tags: cultural assimilation, immigration, Islam, terrorism

Cultural assimilation, cultural diffusion and the origin of the wealth of nations

Quamrul Ashraf, Oded Galor, 13 September 2007



At the start of the 2nd millennium CE, civilisations of Asia were arguably well ahead of European societies in both wealth and knowledge. By the 12th century, China employed water-driven machinery to make textiles and coke-based smelting to produce iron, technologies that would not appear in Europe for more than five hundred years.

Topics: Economic history, Productivity and Innovation
Tags: cultural assimilation, cultural diffusion, wealth

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