Lacklustre investment in the Eurozone: Is there a puzzle?

Marco Buti, Philipp Mohl, 4 June 2014



On the importance of investment for the Eurozone economy

According to the European Commission’s most recent forecast, real economic activity in the Eurozone is expected to recover at a moderate pace until 2015, and to remain significantly weaker than in the US (European Commission 2014a).

Topics: EU policies, Macroeconomic policy
Tags: banking union, Bankruptcy, European Commission, eurozone, Eurozone crisis, financial fragmentation, growth, investment, public investment, structural reforms, uncertainty

Delivering the Eurozone ‘Consistent Trinity’

Marco Buti, Maria Demertzis, João Nogueira Martins, 30 March 2014



As argued in an earlier commentary, the financial crisis exposed important economic inconsistencies in the way that EMU operated.1 Although progress has been made, the reality is that more needs to be done.

Topics: Europe's nations and regions, Macroeconomic policy
Tags: banking union, debt, EMU, euro, eurozone, Eurozone crisis, fiscal consolidation, fiscal policy, imbalances, internal devaluation, Stability and Growth Pact, structural reforms

Structural reforms and regional convergence

Natasha Xingyuan Che, Antonio Spilimbergo, 11 July 2012



The Eurozone crisis is at heart a crisis of failed regional convergence and lack of structural reforms. The euro was supposed to facilitate a rapid convergence in the level of income and, most importantly, of productivity across countries.

Topics: Europe's nations and regions, Global economy
Tags: Eurozone crisis, regional convergence, structural reforms

A different country: Russia’s economic resurgence

Lúcio Vinhas de Souza, 13 June 2008



Russia is now once again one of the ten largest economies in the world.1 Moreover, Russia is the third largest EU trade partner and one of its essential energy suppliers. This recovery makes Russia an economic – and political – actor that we cannot ignore.

Topics: Development
Tags: economic performance, growth, Russia, structural reforms

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