WTO agreement: The Bali Ribbon

Richard Baldwin, 12 December 2013



Bali’s success got multilateralism out of the emergency room and into the intensive care unit – but we don’t know whether the operation was a success. The Bali package is only distantly related to the heart of the 2001 agenda (WTO 2013).

Topics: Global governance, International trade
Tags: Bali, Doha, mega-regional negotiations, multilateralism, regional trade agreements, trade, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, WTO

TPP, TTIP and multilateralism: stepping stones or oceans apart?

Lucian Cernat, 8 November 2013



‘New’ and ‘old’ themes in the trade agenda

Topics: International trade
Tags: free-trade agreements, mega-FTAs, multilateralism, TPP, TTIP

Contagious FTAs: New evidence on the domino theory of regionalism

Dany Jaimovich, Richard Baldwin, 2 September 2010



Regionalism is sweeping the world trade system like wildfire. Multilateral WTO talks, meanwhile, proceed at a glacial pace. This correlation has led many observers to fear that regionalism’s boon is multilateralism’s bane.

Topics: International trade
Tags: multilateralism, regionalism, WTO

Regional trade agreements: Blessing or burden?

Caroline Freund, Emanuel Ornelas, 2 June 2010



The lack of progress in multilateral trade negotiations does not imply that global integration is stagnant. In fact, governments across the globe are as active as ever in negotiating new regional trade agreements (RTAs). For example, in the year to October 2009, as the global financial crisis raged, 25 new RTAs were notified to the WTO.

Topics: International trade
Tags: multilateralism, regional trade agreements, regionalism

India and Bretton Woods II

Arvind Subramanian, 14 November 2008



The circumstances are odd: a lame duck US administration, reflexively reticent about multilateralism, convening the mother-of-all multilateral initiatives with the aim of re-framing the rules of international capitalism. The original motives were a tad cynical – European leaders seeking to grandstand globally to boost their domestic political standing.

Topics: Global governance
Tags: Doha, IMF, India, multilateralism

The history of spaghetti

Marc Flandreau, 23 August 2008



The late July 2008 failure of the ministerial meeting in Geneva to reach a multilateral agreement for further trade liberalisation in the Doha round has led some observers to question the adequacy of the WTO framework.

Topics: Economic history, International trade
Tags: bilateral trade agreements, Cobden-Chevalier treaty, multilateralism, preferential trade, trade liberalisation

Regionalism Worries?

Antoni Estevadeordal, Caroline Freund, Emanuel Ornelas, 25 July 2008



At a moment when the successful conclusion of the Doha Round seems very much at risk, the question once again arise of whether governments’ seemingly irreducible interest in forming regional trade agreements (RTAs) is a blessing or a burden for the multilateral trading system.

Topics: International trade
Tags: customs unions, free trade areas, multilateralism, regional trade agreements, regionalism

Multilateralizing Asian Regionalism

18 - 19 September 2008, Tokyo

East Asia is the world’s most dynamic region in terms of the growth of incomes, trade and foreign direct investment. It is also experiencing a rapid growth the number of regional trade agreements. Although the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has emerged as the de facto integration hub for FTAs, the lattice of trade agreements is highly complex – a veritable noodle bowl for agreements. How can East Asia ensure that the region’s noodle bowl of FTAs can be consolidated into a single East Asian FTA—a stepping stone toward global integration?
This conference, sponsored by the Asian Development Bank Institute and the Graduate Institute (Geneva)'s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration considers the way forward for "taming the tangle" of trade arrangements in Asia.

Masahiro Kawai (ADBI) & Richard Baldwin (CTEI)
Closed attendance
Tsuchiya Kayo <ktsuchiya@adbi.org>
Asian Development Bank Institute
More information:

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International trade
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