The AQR and stress testing the European banking system

Viral Acharya interviewed by Viv Davies, 14 Mar 2014

Viral Acharya talks to Viv Davies about his recent work with Sascha Steffen that, using publicly available data and a series of shortfall measures, estimates the capital shortfalls of EZ banks that will be stress-tested under the proposed Asset Quality Review. They also discuss the difference in accounting rules between US and EZ banks and the future potential for banking union in the Eurozone. The interview was recorded by phone on 25 February 2014.


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Acharya, V and S Steffen (2014) "Falling short of expectations? Stress-testing the European banking system",, 17 January.


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Topics: Financial markets
Tags: Asset Quality Review, bank capital, banking, banking union, banks, Eurozone crisis, recapitalisation, stress testing, systemic risk

Viral Acharya
Professor of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University and Director of the CEPR Financial Economics Programme