Growing like China: understanding the puzzle of China's economic transition

Fabrizio Zilibotti interviewed by Viv Davies, 23 Dec 2013

Fabrizio Zilibotti talks to Viv Davies about his award-winning paper ‘Growing Like China’ (co-authored with Zheng Song, Kjetil Storesletten and Yikai Wang) that addresses the puzzle of the combination of high growth and high return to capital in China with a growing foreign surplus. They also discuss pensions and demographic transition in China, factors that are driving the country’s growth and the country’s future role in the global economy. The interview was recorded on 17 September 2013.


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Growing Like China” by Zheng Song, Kjetil Storesletten and Fabrizio Zilibotti (2013).



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Topics: Poverty and income inequality, Productivity and Innovation
Tags: China, Inequality, productivity

Professor and Chair for Macroeconomics and Political Economics, University of Zurich and CEPR Research Fellow