The locust and the bee: predators and creators in capitalism's future

Geoff Mulgan interviewed by Romesh Vaitilingam, 11 Apr 2014

Geoff Mulgan talks to Romesh Vaitilingam about his recent book, 'The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism's Future'. Mulgan suggests that the economic crisis was a dramatic reminder that capitalism can both produce and destroy, but that it also provides a historic opportunity to choose a radically different future for capitalism - one that maximizes its creative power yet minimizes its destructive force. They discuss the importance of social innovation and the creative economy. The interview was recorded in May 2013.


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Mulgan, G (2014) The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism's Future. Princeton University Press 


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Topics: Politics and economics
Tags: financial crisis, innovation, political uncertainty

Geoff Mulgan
Chief Executive of the UK National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta)