Love it or hate it... the dollar's here to stay

Eswar Prasad interviewed by Viv Davies, 29 Mar 2014

Eswar Prasad talks to Viv Davies about his recent book, ‘The Dollar Trap: How the US dollar tightened its grip on global finance’, which examines how, paradoxically, in light of the financial crisis, the dollar continues to play a central role in the world economy and why it will remain the cornerstone of global finance for the foreseeable future. They also discuss the current frameworks for international economic cooperation as well as currency wars, unconventional monetary policy and the prospects for the renminbi becoming the world's reserve currency. The interview was recorded in London in March 2014.


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Prasad, Eswar S (2014) The Dollar Trap: How the U.S. dollar tightened its grip on global finance , Princeton University Press.


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Topics: Exchange rates
Tags: Currency wars, Emerging-market economies, exchange-rate policy, foreign exchange reserves, international currency

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