Politically acceptable debt restructuring in the Eurozone

Charles Wyplosz interviewed by Viv Davies, 8 Feb 2014

Charles Wyplosz talks to Viv Davies about the recent Special Geneva Report, ‘The PADRE Plan: politically acceptable debt restructuring in the Eurozone’, co-authored with Pierre Pâris and published jointly by CEPR and ICMB. Wyplosz explains how debt restructuring can be managed in a safe way, why it would not have an inflationary effect and how moral hazard could be mitigated, if not eliminated. The interview was recorded in January 2014.


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Pâris, P and C Wyplosz (2014), PADRE: Politically Acceptable Debt Restructuring in the Eurozone, 28 January.


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Topics: EU institutions, International finance, Macroeconomic policy
Tags: EZ debt restructuring, PADRE

Professor of International Economics, Graduate Institute, Geneva; Director, International Centre for Money and Banking Studies; CEPR Research Fellow