‘Prisonomics’: A case for penal reform in the UK

Vicky Pryce interviewed by Viv Davies, 15 Feb 2014

Vicky Pryce talks to Viv Davies about her recent book ‘Prisonomics: Behind bars in Britain’s failing prisons’, which analyses the economic and social costs and consequences of women in prison and women’s prisons in the UK. Pryce presents the case for penal reform and provides a number of policy recommendations. The interview was recorded in London in January 2014.


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Prisonomics: Behind bars in Britain’s failing prisons (Pryce, V; Biteback Publising, October 2013)

Royalties for the book are being donated to Working Chance. Working Chance (www.workingchance.org/) is a charity (1131802) which changes lives and changes society by finding female ex-offenders work.


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Tags: crime, crime prevention, criminal behaviour

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