The WTO and the world trading system ‘post Bali’ – Part 2

Gary Horlick interviewed by Viv Davies, 31 Jan 2014

World-leading trade lawyer, Gary Horlick, talks to Viv Davies about the 2013 WTO Bali ministerial conference and the post-Bali agenda. Horlick discusses food security, agriculture and whether mega regional trade agreements pose a threat to the future of the WTO. They also discuss the potential benefits of the post-Bali agenda for developing countries and the ‘trade transforming’ effect of SMEs and the internet. The interview was recorded in January 2014.


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Simon J Evenett, Alejandro Jara , Building on Bali: A Work Programme for the WTO, A Vox eBook, 18 December 2013.

Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part series of Vox Talk interviews on the WTO ‘post Bali’. Part 1, posted last week, featured Alejandro Jara.


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Topics: Global governance, International trade
Tags: Bali package, megaregionals, regional trade agreements, supply chains, trade, WTO